​​​​​​​​​Richard Lamos

I have been too long afraid of the sky
(true story)

This dawn comes at midnight
Not waiting for the sun to rise
I found true love at the strip club
Everywhere, for free
(but of course I tip)
I step outside into the night
So bright, so bright
In the dark alley of my broken heart
I found the glittering palace of friendship
O mistress I miss you and love you
(but not like that)
I found joy at the bottom of my cup of sorrow
(I wasn't looking close enough before)
Spent too long in desperation
(just long enough)
Now I cleave it in twain
And watch the light like blood spill out
Was staring so hard at the pitch
That I missed the light in my own eyes
No more holding back
No more keeping it in
I burst
Light pours from my eyes
Drips from my nose
I vomit light
I shit the brightness
Every pore, every inch of my skin
I am jizzing the blinding dawn, there is no end
In silent screaming ecstasy
I watch the light and the dark mix and pool and swirl
Like ink in milk
This sun never sets
And we will illuminate the world